Monday, February 18, 2013

Party in the Sanctuary!

Nearly seven years ago I attended a wedding to beat all weddings.
The bride even sang at her own wedding.
Of course, when the bride is Stephanie Clark, what do you expect?

Yesterday afternoon I was privileged to attend Ms. Clark's licensing ceremony to be an evangelist.
As one of the few white faces in attendance, it was an awesome trip into a community and culture that never fails to leave me with a smile on my face.
I recognized many in the congregation.
Some I went to school with in 8th grade (talk about a while!).
Others I recognized as local pastors.
I looked at the lady sitting next to me and realized I'd seen her leaving church earlier that day.

The choir sang.
The congregation joined in.
Heads bobbing.
And even a little dancing.

Rev. Cannon spoke scripture.
Singing would continue.
It was peaceful.
I heard the words, knew the truth, and sensed a peace in the room.
It was the comfortable feeling that makes you never want to get up.

A community of believers.
All family and friends of Ms. Clark.
Everyone celebrating a lady we love, and embracing her as she starts a new phase.

When Ms. Clark stood to give her sermon, the first words out of her mouth were in song.
She acknowledged and thanked every person in the room for coming.
By every person, I mean, EVERY person.
She called out family, mentors, friends, churches, everyone.

Afterwards, a delicious meal was shared by everyone.
Laughter, talking, food, was a party.

Last night was the definition and execution of the word community.
The word is often tossed around.
Come to an event like last night, and you will know what it means.

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