Saturday, February 16, 2013

What If She Hadn't Been Given Life?

I think a lot.
My brain is constantly going.
If I'm bored, I come up with something to think about.
I've even been known to make myself sick over analyzing something.

One of my new favorite places to ponder is at the gym.
Specifically, while doing weights.
It is calming and relaxing.
A good thought flow.

Yesterday, and I don't remember how this popped into my head, I began thinking about babies.
I thought about the babies who have been aborted and will never have their potential realized.
The arguments for a woman's right to her own body came into my head.
I thought about murder, and the way people, and our judicial system, view it.

I am not a conservative "women should only be in the home" person.
In fact, I cannot wait to have a career that I love.
One of my thought battles is how to find a balance in life as a woman.
But, I believe everyone has a right to life.

What makes the difference in a life while in the womb versus out of the womb?
Every human being has grown inside a uterus.
What changes during the birthing process that they go from a fetus to a baby?
The baby is the same on the outside as the inside.  Why, then, does the location of the baby give a woman a choice to whether or not her child will live?
We execute murderers.  We give murderers life imprisonment.  We even imprison for accidental deaths under the reason that a life was taken.
Why is that life any different from the one growing inside a woman?

I'm not trying to win a case.  It's just been a while since I vocalized thoughts about the injustice of abortion and my own thoughts on it.

I'm thankful for the mother's of the babies I love for choosing to keep them.  Without those sweet faces, my life would be lacking pieces of joy!

Below are pictures of my cousin, Ami, from ultrasound to this past Wednesday.  Isn't she beautiful!  And, notice in the ultrasound that you can see facial characteristics that she still has! 
Ultrasound; About 5 months along (from the mommy)
Ultrasound; About 7 months along (from the mommy)
Newborn (Photo from Elizabeth, the mommy)

Just over 3 months (from the mommy)
Thanksgiving: 9 months
Summer 2012; 17 months
Christmas 2012; 22 months
This Week (2/13/13); Almost 2 yrs

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