Thursday, February 7, 2013

Downton Abbey: Obstinancy and Recovery

It's fun to remember they are real people--heading into the Olympic Opening Ceremony!
The most recent episode of Downton Abbey was not as riveting as the last.  I was anticipating something awful happening.  But, it was more of a recovery episode after last week's shocker.

A few points of irritation:
-Lord Grantham needs to stop acting like an ostrich.
-Carson needs to understand that ostracizing someone based on their decisions does not promote harmony.
-Thomas needs to be kicked off the show or fired from the house.  I'm fine with either.

A few moments of joy:
-Bates is coming home!  I'm so glad they showed us on the preview for next week that he does in fact return.  I was worried they would kill him in prison.
-Mrs. Patmore kindly assisted Ethel.  Way to be the bigger person and extend kindness to promote success for a fellow human being.
-Lord and Lady Grantham hugging and crying at the end.  Painful as it was to watch, they need each other.
-Matthew and Lady Mary declaring their love...and that they must WORK at their marriage.  So touching.

Was anyone else peeved by the jabs at Catholicism and the lauding of Anglicanism?  That man has a VERY narrow view of Christianity.  God likes England.  The rest of the world is off to Hell in a hand basket.  What a sad perspective.

P.S. The Craig County coach, at the basketball game on Tuesday night, resembles Matthew.


  1. Maybe I should check out Downton Abbey!

    1. I absolutely recommend watching it! The seasons are short, the episodes are packed, and the storyline is addicting!

  2. I love Downtown Abbey. Such a great show!!

    1. I agree! It is fabulous. I'm excited for the rest of the season. However, I think if they end it after this season I will okay with it.


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