Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Time I Planned to be Snowed In

I've been MIA for a few days.  I planned to spend a few days in Bath County, and then I learned snow was expected.  So, I packed extra clothes and decided it was a good time to be snowed in.

Usually when people see the snow has started, they postpone, right?  Well, not me.
I hurried my packing, stuck my stuff in the car, and carefully headed over the mountain, driving into a winter wonderland.

I drank peppermint hot chocolate in the coffee shop while talking with Amanda and watching the snow float to the ground.  Then, fishtailed while hoping to not flail into the fence when the road was not clear, had a cozy night in with Mrs. Shaver--that continued to the next day.  I enjoyed the Fellowship of Christian Athlete's Super Bowl party (and watched some of the game) and good conversation about education, philosophy, and religion.  Monday I subbed for PE and got to drive Trey to school and take him home : )  His basketball team whooped the other team.  Tuesday I hung out at Laura's Boutique and later watched BCHS JV and Varsity teams beat Craig County....which was awesome.  And, I got to see some friends!

Today I surfaced to real life.  I have more reporting jobs coming up : )  Very excited to cover some pageants!

These next few months look promising, exciting, fun, and a chance to spend time with people I love.

A few photos of the snow...

Back in my beautiful Bath County
The cows were walking in a line

Trickling creek through the snow
Heading home...the snow was melting

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