Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear Friday: A Busy and Fulfilling Week

I love the starkness of the winter in this photo.
Photo by K.L.R.
Dear Friday,  Thank you for arriving and bringing a snow day with you.
Dear Week, You've been awesome.  Subbing, reporting, hanging out with people...and, I'm blanking on the rest.  It's been busy, to say the least.
Dear Middle School and High School Students, never doubt that I think you all are awesome!
Dear Virginia, I like you.  Your mountains are beautiful.
Dear Elizabeth and Fam, Happy Moving Day tomorrow!!!  I can't wait to see your new house!
Dear Science, Prepare for an English Minor to be teaching you for two weeks...should be interesting!
Dear Feet, I'm sorry I stood on you in five inch heels for a little bit too long the other day.
Dear Pastor Steve and Roy, Thank you for taking care of me and making sure my car didn't explode in my face.  It's nice that some people know about cars so that those of us who don't....can still drive : )
Dear Shaver's, Thanks for letting me live with you part-time!
Dear Jobs, I love you.  Seriously.  Writing and hanging out with students.  How fun!!!
Dear Weekend, Let's have some fun!

P.S. Dear State Troopers, Please leave me alone.  I'm sure you are very nice, but pulling me over when I'm going the speed limit startles me.  Yes, my car is now properly inspected.  Thank you for checking.


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  1. My BFF is a HS computer lab teacher and she says it is so interesting since she is young and really pretty yet so fun at the same time lol! Good luck in the Science class you will do great! Virginia is beautiful! Have you been to West Virgina? The mountains here are absolutely gorgeous!



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