Saturday, February 9, 2013

Someone Asked ME to Write?

Photo by: K.L.R.

Good Saturday Morning!

Recently, a friend from college invited me to guest blog for him.  I was excited and honored by his request (and a little overwhelmed, as you'll see when you read the topic).

Stephen is an awesome guy!  He is very funny (when I got lost going to visit, he told me to, "Look for the good looking CIU student."), a good conversationalist (evidenced in his writing), and a lover of truth.  He married Caroline a year and a half ago, and as far as I know, they are enjoying life together : )

Keep your eyes open, as he will be guest posting over here pretty soon!

But, for today, go check out my post on his blog!  Then, I recommend perusing his other posts.  He is a thoughtful and articulate writer.  He takes an intellectual and philosophical approach to life through his writing, but he doesn't miss the humanity.  I respect his frankness and the ways he expounds on thoughts.

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