Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cute Attire: A Reporter Must

I've made it my goal to always dress well when covering a story.
None of my jobs have an office.
I don't get to wake up, dress up, and go out for the day.
So, when I get to socialize, I like to keep it classy ;)

Tonight I wanted to wear a skirt or dress (one of my favorite dresses has gone missing, as have my black tights--making me limited to my brown or bright blue tights).

It helps to feel nice while sitting through long meetings, wondering if you are writing down the info you need.

(Sorry, pictures are scarce from this outfit.  I was running short on time...and my camera died.)

 Dress: Bridesmaid from Hannah and Aaron's wedding; Jacket: Borrowed (and never returned) from Ginny; Tights: Gift; Shoes: Target

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