Monday, February 25, 2013

One Day of My Awesome Weekend!

Yesterday I received the nicest comment from a friend.
She noted the diversity in my life lately, shown through two albums I posted.

In one, I was having lunch and tea with a friend.
In the other, I was shooting a 12-Gauge and a 22 (post to come).

Both were fabulous.

Friday was a snow day.  Instead of subbing in the computer lab at the elementary school, Scarlet and I finally got together!  I tried a delicious Shepherd's Pie and she had the soup.  We sipped Earl Grey tea, and enjoyed catching up on life.

After we lunched, I drove up to the paper and enjoyed hanging out in the newsroom and doing my first editing of the Saturday paper.  Love being a reporter.  I think I need to watch an old reporter movie.  I'm feeling some Cary.

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