Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentine

Kitty Love from Rillian < 3
Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you found joy in the day in surprising ways!
(Wow, that sounds cliche...but I'm being sincere!)

On this Valentine's Day, I had no expectations, other than not expecting it to be a big deal.  I didn't view it as Singles Awareness Day.  In fact, even when I have a boyfriend/fiance/husband, I want it to be special and unique, not a day to celebrate love commercialization has created.

Anyway, I sleepily awoke, made a cup of tea, and enjoyed catching up on the most recent Downton Abbey. It was a wonderful.

The final (partially eaten) product! Yuuum!
While making breakfast, I commented on three cookie looking things to my Grandmother.  She said, "Well, they were supposed to be a surprise."  I told her I didn't see a thing : )  But, she let me scrape the icing bowls that decorated all the cookies!

Happy guy! I am aware he looks like a giant.  At 6'1", he's not far off ;)
Michael's (my brother) new cell phone arrived.  I found a giant bag of Starbursts for him.  I hid the phone in the Starbursts (Mama's awesome idea).  So, when I handed him the bag, he thought it was awesome.  Then he kept asking about the phone.  I kept avoiding it.  Suddenly, the bag started to ring!  Crazy, right?  Ha, he got this goofy, surprised look of realization on his face.  Surprise=Awesome.

My surprise, special Valentine moments:
-Daddy texted me.
-The FedEx delivery man turned to walk away, and then said, "Happy Valentine's Day!"
-I texted Pastor Steve, telling him I hoped BCHS beat PMHS tonight.  He replied, and added "Happy Valentine's Day."
-Mr. Orr called me to check in, see how I am doing, and to update on AMBEX stuff.  As we were hanging up, he said, "Oh, Happy Valentine's Day!"
-Grandmother gave me a giant sugar cookie covered in peppermint icing!
-Mama brought me loose leaf Earl Grey tea (i.e. practically impossible to find in these U.S. of A).

For part of high school, I kept the books for the JV and Varsity girl's basketball teams.  One Valentine's Day we had an away game.  I was staying with the Shaver's that week, and got home very late.  I checked the kitchen table for any notes they may have left me.  What did I find?  A Valentine's card from Pastor Steve.  So sweet that he had thought of me.

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