Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shooting at Cans: Sunday Afternoon Fun

I said I would blog about my afternoon shooting!
Rather than doing a "weekend" post, I wanted to give the great fun I had on Sunday its own moment in the spotlight.

Sunday was warm-ish and beautiful!  After church and lunch, I wrote my article about the pageant Saturday night.  Pastor Steve and Trey were going to go around the farm looking at trees for firewood.  But, the Daytona 500 was on television, so they were watching it (due to my near vicinity, I absorbed some NASCAR....more than ever before).

When I heard Pastor Steve mention taking the guns out, I really wanted to go.  So, we all went shooting on the farm.  Trey and I set up Sprite cans on the hillside, Pastor Steve pulled the guns out, and we commenced target practice.

I don't remember the last time I shot a gun (probably a BB gun at camp).  I wanted to shoot the 12-Gauge...but apparently it is loud and kicks hard.  So, I tentatively took the gun....and then became nervous.  I would almost pull the trigger, and then get scared, start to laugh, and make faces...yes, there is a picture.

I did, finally, shoot it.  It wasn't as loud, and didn't kick as hard, as I was anticipating.  The second time I shot it, I didn't pull it tightly into my shoulder, resulting in an injured (ok, sore) bicep.  After my third shot, I decided I would go back to the 22.

We all shot and had fun.  Trey took  special care in turning the cans a certain direction.  And, our Sunday was properly spent.

First shot of the afternoon!

Nervous....about to shoot.  Love that Trey and I are both laughing!

Post shooting.  It didn't knock me over...but it was a jolt.

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  1. Love shooting, even though i suck at it. This looks like it was a blast!! :)


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